Photographic Art
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Michael Kucsmas

  ​​ ​     Art is about time and the willingness to step between time. It's about slowing down. It’s something which I refer to as walking with clarity and stillness between the earth and sky. It becomes a new way of being a human, using eyes that “see”. I take the time to stop and to become a visual archaeologist of sorts, uncovering the layers of this world to reveal the hidden treasures which are buried within. Our urban delta which flows outward towards nature creates a confluence of the fixed, right-angled human shapes set between the fractal and organic shapes of nature. This is where I consider myself lucky as an artist; when I see nature overtaking the human relics that are scattered everywhere we humans have ever walked, I observe with my camera lenses reclaiming with quiet power the hasty attempts at taming the untamable. I give it recognition.

Michael Kucsmas - 2017
  1. Michael Kucsmas
    I received my BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University where I studied printmaking and painting. Photography has quickened my experience as an artist allowing me to spontaneously record and re-invent unique visual experiences of the world and it's many layers of reality.